Friday, September 28, 2007

Motivate me

I really need to get motivated today. But which item do I work on first? The sweater for my mom? The pin I am making for a customer? Finish the GooGooMonster on my desk? List an item? Eat Lunch?

I am going to eat lunch first...then? Nap. Yeah. Nap.


I did NOT napping done here. I ate, then noticed the pigsty that was my kitchen. I cleaned it! Yay! Still needs to be mopped, but it looks decent now.

Now, I must work.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Etsy :: Pick a Peck of Pumpkins - set of 3 - needlefelt

Who doesn't need pumpkins this time of year? Aren't these cute?

Etsy :: Pick a Peck of Pumpkins - set of 3 - needlefelt

New look!

I changed my blog to reflect the changes of my commerce site. Yes, I still have my shop on etsy, but if I direct people to my site from now on, instead of etsy, I can retain any customer base I may build if I decide to leave etsy and try a new venue (or start my own!)

You can visit Sunfleur and tell me what you think!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Etsy Secret Autumn swap

I am a little anxious about it. There is something nervewracking about making a gift (or buying one) for a stranger, never mind someone you know. I love the idea of it though. My swap giftee seems a little hard to shop for, but I really want to get something good. I almost wish there was a price cap on this too. I have some little things chosen already, but I would like one bigger gift to include. I guess my biggest fear is that she wouldn't like it.

To my swap partner (who has me a giftee): I like everything. I love soft handspun yarn, especially funky ones the most, right now; I love lotions/candles, vanilla is my favorite scent. I love stuffed things. Sunflowers, roses, fall items. Not picky.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

So I cleaned out my knitting stuff over the weekend

I am not in as bad shape as I thought with all of my WIPs. I have many things on needles and some not on needles that require handsewing or other peicing done.

I have one sweater, one wrap, one summer sweater t-shirt, one tank top, one shrug... all for me, on needles in various stages, most more than a quarter done.

I have 5 bags that need finishing: handles to be added, linings to be sewn. I have two scarves on needles, but i just finished a cabled scarf and a neck wrap/scarflette, to be listed on etsy.

I have 2 GooGooMonsters and 1 mini monster to stuff and needlefelt for my shop and 3 minis to make for an order for someone in my knitting group (she crochets).

A sneak peek at the scarflette I am listing today:

Isn't it pretty? I won't mind if this doesn't sell, when it expires, I will keep it. It is so so so so soft and very snuggly. It is a wool and acrylic mix yarn and the colors remind me a sunset in the fall. I love it. I made up the cable pattern, and by chance, the cable on one edge makes a nice undulating ripple. It looks impressive.

I can't wait to take pics of the cable scarf too. It is sooo nice. Again, I will have a hard time partin with it, but I plan on making one for myself in brown or burnt orange or lime green.

So now that everything is sorted I can concentrate on things that need to be finished. The problem with bigger projects like sweaters, is that I get bored easily. I try to switch them out while working.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Karma Button?

Everyone should have one of these:

Karma Button